Gates Sta Level

Equipment List

All of the gear is meticulously restored recapped and modified to better than original specs. Nearly all modern commercially manufactured equipment used in the studio is modified to improve their performance. All cabling is upgraded to copperfree Sommer and Monster cables.


Vintage HELIOS discrete console with 40 Olympic style EQs from 1972
32 channels with Mic Pre, 24 Monitor Inputs, 16 Output Busses,
8 Aux Busses, Total of 64 Inputs in Mixdown
RTW Broadcastmonitor rebuild and modified by Charly Bohaimid


Studer A800 MKIII 2" 16 Track Tape Machine
Telefunken M15 1/2" Stereo Master Machine
Avid Pro Tools 12
Antelope Audio Orion 32 HD
Burl B2 Bomber ADC
Sound Devices MixPre 3
Waves DigiGrid Server One
Waves Digigrid IOC
Waves DigiGrid MGO
Waves DigiGrid D


API 312 MicPre (Vintage)
Earthworks ZDT Pre-Amps (8)
API 2500 Legacy Bus Compressor
API 525c Compressor (vintage)
Audio Design F760 Compressor (8)
Drawmer DS 201 Gate
Foote Control System P3S Compressor (Mastering Edition)
Gates Sta-Level (vintage)
Inward Connections The Brute Compressor
NTP 179-170
Solid State Logic FX G384 with Gold Can VCAs
Standard Audio Level-Or (2)
Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering (11th Anniversary Edition)
Custom Discrete Elliptical EQ
Dangerous Music Bax EQ
Little Labs VOG
Moog Ladder Filter (5)
Modulation Sciences MSI MYB-2 Stereomaxx
Bricasti M7
Digital Domain DD-2
Lexicon PCM 42 (2)
Yamaha SPX-990
Roland SDD-320 Dimension D


Lipinski L-707
ASR Emitter 1 Clear Blue
Auratone 5RC (vintage)
Bryston 3B ST
Crane Song Avocet IIA
Beyerdynamic DT-770 M
Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser HD 25
Spiral Ear 5-Way Ultimate
Waves DigiGrid Q


Neumann KU-100
Large Diaphragm Condenser
Neumann U47 (from 1952 with rare Siemens label)
Neumann U47fet i (vintage)
Lomo 19a9 Serial #16
Sony C37a
Small Diaphragm Condenser
Neumann KM54
Neumann KM84
Neumann KMS 105
DPA 4080 Lavalier
Roede Lavalier
Sennheiser MKH 415 T
Shure Beta 91
Sony C535p (2)
Beyerdynamic M160 (2)
Coles 4038 (2)
Royer R-121
AKG D224E (2)
Beyerdynamic M380
Beyerdynamic M201 (3)
Beyerdynamic M88 NC
Beyerdynamic M67
Electro Voice RE20
Electro Voice 635A (2)
Sennheiser MD 421-2 Script Logo (5)
Sennheiser MD 441-2
Shure SM7 (2)
Shure SM 57 (3)
Shure SM 57 Unidyne III (2)
Shure SM 59 (2)
Shure KSM8


Keys & Synths
Steinway Grand Piano Model O
Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano
Roland Juno 60
Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Kawai VPC-1
Gretsch Round Badge 22"x14" 3-ply Kick from 1952
Gretsch Round Badge 22"x14" 3-ply Kick from 1960
Gretsch Round Badge 20"x14" 6-ply Kick from 1960
Gretsch Round Badge 13"x09" 6-ply Tom from 1960
Gretsch Round Badge 16"x16" 6-ply Tom from 1960
Gretsch Round Badge 14"5.5" Snare from 1960
Ludwig Acrolite 14"x5" Snare from 1964
Popercussion BigBass Cajon
Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 14" HiHat
Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 18" Crash
Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22" Ride
Paiste 3000 Heavy 13" HiHat
Paiste 2002 10" Splash
Paiste 2002 1" Splash
Paiste Signature Line 8" Splash
Paiste Signature Line 16" Fast Crash
Sabian 12" AA Sound Control Crash
Ufip Natural Series 16" China
Ufip Natural Series 18" China
Zildjian 14" A-Series New Beat Hi-Hat
Zildjian 13" K-Series Hi-Hat
Zildjian 20" K-Series Ride
Guitar & Bass
ESP Viper Guitar
ESP Custom Shop Stratocaster
Fender JV Stratocaster ST 62-115 from 1983 Fender JV Telecaster TL52-95 from 1982 Fender Stratocaster "STRAT" from 1980
Fender JV P-Bass PB62-98 from 1982
Ampeg B15 NF 25 Watt from 1966
Fender Princeton Reverb (Blackface from 1965)
Fender Superchamp with EV Force 10 Speaker
Marshall JCM 800 (2203) Lead 100W Red Tolex
Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier
Orange Micro Dark
Grossman Recording Cabinet with Vintage EVM 12L 8 Ohm Speaker
Pedals & Effects
Boss OC-3 Super Octave
Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive
Boss PH-2 Super Phaser
Diaz Texas Tremodillo (blue)
Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer (Vintage)
ISP Decimator
Lastgasp Art Laboratories Yongo Superfuzz
Maxon OD808 Overdrive
Palmer Daccapo
Providence Chrono Delay
Seymour Duncon Pickup Booster
TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper
Tech 21 SansAmp RBI
Toneczar Openhaus Distortion

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